Dr. Williams has been great for me all my needs! Recently had to have a root canal and crown done. I was extremely nervous and Dr. Williams and his staff did a wonderful job of walking me through the procedure to help m understand it better. The staff is extremely helpful and professional. Amy always great when I need a surprise appointment.

I am writing this review of Dr. Michael Williams and his staff after recently reading the negative Google review by Kelly Schneiders. I came upon her review as I did a quick Google search for Dr. Williams telephone number considering I needed to make an unplanned appointment for a chipped tooth. In other words, Dr. Williams or his staff did not solicit this review in anyway. My family and I have been a patient of Dr. Williams for several years. Our family was transferred/referred to Dr. Williams following the retirement of our previously excellent dentist Dr. Siegfried. While initially nervous about making a transfer to a new dentist and his staff, I was confident that Dr. Siegfried would not refer us to someone whom he did not trust with the dental needs of my family or myself. In summary, Dr. Williams and his staff are without a doubt some of the most skilled and polite professionals I have encountered in my nearly 63 of life. One of the more major procedures Dr. Williams performed on me was a crown as one of my molars riddled with fillings decided it had enough of chewing and simply broke off one day. I thought for sure that I would lose the tooth and need some sort of dental replacement. To my complete surprise and delight, Dr. Williams was able to repair the molar with a crown within about 2 hours of a single appointment. Wow!!! The technology that Dr. Williams has invested in is completely amazing. One of the facts that further impressed me was that Dr. Williams had already had a crown making device but felt that newer technology was available that made crowns even better. It’s not often you see a person investing in better equipment that serves his patients needs first rather than just thinking about profit. Dr. Williams is an excellent dentist and graduate of The Ohio State University. His office staff consists of VERY pleasant and cordial individuals. In a recent “emergency” situation with a front chipped tooth, Amy was able to schedule me in a relatively short period of time without any issues. Amy has ALWAYS been very polite and helpful and takes care of all my insurance paperwork. My recently chipped tooth was repaired by Dr. Williams along with Kaylee and Kristin who quickly and painlessly repaired the chipped tooth…..and all with a smile 😉 Brandi is my personal dental hygienist and does an excellent job at cleaning my teeth every 6 months. Brandi is very thorough in her profession, which is something I truly appreciate. Last but not least to mention is Sarah who is also a wonderful dental hygienist working with Dr. Williams. Both Brandi and Sarah can help you prevent a variety of gum diseases and even heart related issues by making sure your teeth and gums are cleaned and cared for. As with ALL Internet reviews, be very skeptical about what you read. There are always two sides to every story and some individuals in life will never be happy with anything or anybody. If you are looking for a dentist with a very pleasant and professional staff, I cannot recommend Dr. Michael Williams dental practice high enough. He and his staff have my complete trust, faith, and confidence, which is not something that I give out easily in this ever-changing world of ours.

Incredibly friendly, punctual and knowledgeable staff. I work with Dentists daily and can tell you Dr. Williams is one of the best!

Dr. Wliiams and his staff are great i would recommend him to family and friends. Amy is great she has went above and beyond to help me answer any questions and getting me in right away when i had any problems. I have been a patient for over 10 years and i can actually say i don't dread to go to the dentist. they are a bunch of great people. nonjudgemental and always made me feel comfortable .

Dr. Michael Williams and his staff are some of the most skilled, professional, and friendly individuals I have met in my nearly 63 years of life. From my first perfectly fitting crown within about 2 hours of a single appointment to the repair of my recently shipped front tooth, Amy, Brandi, Kristin, Sarah, and Kaylee ALL will treat you with kindness and respect. Ignore any negative reviews, some people in life will never be happy with anything or anybody. Always two sides to every story!!